Want, Need, Wish

We have been thinking for sometime about the possibility of getting a used Ford Transit type of vehicle. This is on our dream list for this year and would greatly impact the number of visits that we can do each year as well as lessen the number of visits we have to cancel do to rain.

The reasoning behind this has several valid points. First off parking in any small tiny area that is highly trafficked is very difficult with a truck and trailer. As we soon begin visits at Children's Mercy hospital it will be impossible to park truck and trailer in a parking garage. Currently our plan is to park 2 blocks away at the Ronald McDonald house and walk.

Another huge reason for movie to an enclosed vehicle would be to continue visits on days when it is rainy. We typically cancel events if the rain is coming down. There is to much splash up that gets through the trailer slats on the sides and mini's that are wet are not fun to snuggle.

Inclement weather is always a concern do to standing in a freezing trailer grooming and getting the mini's ready for their visit. Likewise when the temps are high getting them ready out in the sun prior to going into a visit can be very stressful as well.

A temperature controlled vehicle would be a huge BLESSING to our Half-Pint Hero team. If anyone knows and individual that would donate a used transport van of this type please let us know.

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